Food Revolution Day-Kuwait

Participants in our First event that was held in Chef Boutique in South Surra enjoyed lots of interesting information and eye opening facts.
Our aim was to explain what is Real Food and the benefits of Real Food.First, the lovely Ms. Budour Algassar presented Dr. Nada Alragom.

Dr. Nada AlRagom explained the necessity of a healthy natural living for the benefits of our kids. We have the future generations’ health in our hands and we should protect our future assets.
Dr. Nada inspired the audience with her personal story and ignited the flame of knowledge in them. We join her in her conviction that Change IS Possible.
Our lifestyle depends greatly on our diets and vice versa, Dr. Nada brushed on this interesting topic and showed us how our diets affect our weight, immunity, and personality.

Health Coach Juna Alawadhi came all the way from New York to shock us with the modern day myths of weight loss diets and techniques. A healthy Lifestyle is the only way she advocates for a happy life, not a fad diet that would leave a person tired, starved, hopeless, and with no real results to show for it.
The myths Juna mentioned include Coffee, Pineapple; the magical fruit that burns fat, Fat Free, Soft Drink Hero, Soy Milk, Dark Chocolate.

While older kids were interested in listening to the speakers, happy breastfed babies kept interrupting us with their cuteness. We are proud to say that our events are baby friendly and we don’t mind the cute noises they make, as long as they are next to their source of security and happiness  (mommy)

Everyone including the kids enjoyed the light cooking demonstration by Chef Paul and Coach Juna, then everyone went to make their own fruit cake with the help of our volunteers. Bookshop entertained the kids with coloring pages about health and nutrition. They also had healthy snacks courtesy of Holistic Nutrition Pioneer Jumana Alawadhi

Everyone enjoyed the friendly atmosphere making new friends and mingling with like-minded people. everyone loved wearing Chef boutiques apron and enjoy the hand on cooking experiment in the Chef boutique’s kitchen.

There were special organic boxes waiting for the participants to take them home. a Home made meal that consists of :

Pink Hummus Dip

Olive Pesto

Basil Pesto

Fresh Walnut bread

Brown rice

spicy veggies in fresh coconut sauce.

grilled vegetable salad with balsamic vinaigrette

and Free Range eggs from the Oldest Organic Farm in Kuwait! check them out at: and stay tuned to what they have in store for you after the summer!



It was a magical family night, ended by celebrating Jadi Alkhulaifi’s 4th birthday with a delicious rubik fruit cake from Chef Paul!




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